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  • Splashworld Fitness Classes

    Fitness Classes at Splashworld include:

    Aerobics - An exhilarating and effective workout that burns a high amount of calories whilst having fun through dance. This class is suitable for both beginners and advanced.

    Aerobics and Body Tone - This class is a combination of Cardio Vascular and Body Tone giving you a total body workout.

    Body Tone - This class is designed to sclupt and tone your body to perfection. Tuesday 7.10pm with Edel. This class is a combination of an intensive fat burning session and body tone to sculpt every part of your body. This class concentrates on stomach, back and legs.

    Aqua Aerobics - Due to its popularity we have 4 different sessions with different times all through the week.

    Beginners Spin - Extremely beneficial for improving endurance and speed whilst being a highly effective fat burning class. It incorporates interval and sprint work into one intense workout. Try this class to improve your fitness levels or to compliment other sport.

    Spinning - The ultimate group cycling sensation where your instructor takes you on a high intensity journey never to be forgotten.

    The Sport Circuit - A mixture of Speed, Agility and Quickness, Plyometrics, Multi-Muscle Conditioning and Core Stability. Aimed at pre-season team sports or martial arts training.

    Swimming Lessons - At Splashworld we offer Swimming Lessons to suit all ages and abilities from Pre School through to Older Adults in a safe and fun environment.

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