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    Kingfisher Gym WaterfordThe Kingfisher Club is designed to provide a greatly improved quality of life for those who believe in investing in their health and well being. The Kingfisher Club has 8 clubs around the country and is one of Ireland's largest, most modern Health & Fitness Centres. With one of the widest varieties of fitness equipment, classes and programmes, The Kingfisher Club gives you the best fitness value around.

    Kingfisher Club WaterfordNew Classes Our prices make us one of the most cost effective gyms in Ireland, while our certified Fitness Staff are dedicated to giving you the knowledge, training and motivation you need to succeed. Our wide variety of programmes means you can finally experience a gym community that gives you a happier, healthier life. No matter what your goal, Kingfisher will help find the solution that's right for you.

    Our gym is staffed by qualified gym instructors who will be available to discuss members training programmes or for any assistance. Our pool environment is also constantly manned by one of our trained lifeguards to ensure a fully safe pool environment for all members and guests.

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