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    Splashworld Gym Waterford
    Fun for the young and the young at heart … Great entertainment for all the family at Splashworld - The South East's biggest, brightest and best Indoor Waterpark ! Hours of fun in a safe environment with something to offer all age groups.

    Splashworld GymGym it at Splashworld, whatever your personality type, when it comes to planning your Health and Fitness this is one priority that should be on top your list of "things to do". If you ask people why haven't they started or stuck to their plan they will tell you that they just 'don't have time' or 'I am nervous about going into a gym'. At Splashworld Health and Fitness Club these points and so many more have been taken into consideration when it comes to offering members the best facilities in the South East. If you want to pop in and just ask our instructors a few questions about training or just to have a tour of the facilities, you are more than welcome at any time.

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